We, Real Estate Wealth Development, have developed a wealth of knowledge in the property sector, which has allowed us scale to one of the fastest growing property businesses in the country.  We are pleased to be able to support others in their property journey through our training programs:

Interested in getting into property or already have a portfolio you want to take to the next level. Book a free strategy call with Alex and Laurie the founders of REWD Group.

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We now offer THREE levels of Training and Mentorship

Our Entry Level Training – HOW TO BECOME A PROPERTY INVESTOR – is a 1 day event providing an insight into the many different ways you can be making money in property.  You don’t have to buy, sell, or rent anything out!  Easy when you know how.

Next is REWD PRO – PROFESSIONAL BUY-TO-LET INVESTMENT STRATEGIES.  This Advanced Level Training is a 4 day intensive course focussed specifically on how to build a massive buy to let portfolio in a very short period of time.  We’ve gone from 0-200 properties in only 2.5 years – WHY CAN’T YOU!?

And of course there is our PROPERTY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (REWD PMP).  This includes the REWD PRO 4 day intensive course followed by 12 months of one-on-one mentorship, with direct and constant access to both Laurie and Alex.  The REWD PMP is application only and ensures maximum accountability to keep you on track towards SURPASSING your goals and objectives.

At REWD Group, we teach detailed systems, processes and strategies that we implement in our own businesses day-to-day. Our objective for all Training clients is to help them grow a scalable business in order to create GENERATIONAL WEALTH.

This is a Program which offers serious growth for buy to let investors who are ready to TAKE ACTION.



10th & 11th September 9am – 4pm

Hosted at the brand new REWD HQ

REWD Group HQ: Unit 4 Barons Court, Grangemouth



This 1 day event provides all the Essentials to get you started on your property journey.  In the REWD ESSENTIALS course we will cover the basic and absolutely necessary teachings that you MUST adopt in your property business.  Whether you’re looking for your 1st deal, have 1 or 2 properties and want to scale things up, or maybe you’re simply curious about how all this “property investment” stuff really works!  This is the training for you.

£50 (inc. VAT)


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13 – 16 October

4 day intensive course

The REWD PRO 4 day training event is for those of us that seek more from life.  We will cover the 4 key elements to building a scalable buy-to-let investment business: Foundations, Systems, Deals, Finance.

This Advanced Level Training targets MASSIVE SCALE, uncapped earning potential, a BEAST OF A BUY TO LET PORTFOLIO, more free time, more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyles, more holidays, fancy cars, superyachts, and all the Cristal you desire.

We have grown from 0-200 units in 2.5 years – WHY CAN’T YOU?

If you want to be a professional property investor, and to learn the detailed processes, systems and strategies that we use in our own businesses on a daily basis, the REWD PRO course is for you.

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4-day intensive course +12 months of direct one-on-one mentorship

The REWD PMP provides direct one-on-one mentorship support to clients for a full year after attending the 4 day intensive training event.  This product provides direct and regular access to Laurie & Alex, as well as a monthly meet up in person, to ensure a high level of accountability.  We want to work with you directly to help you SURPASS your goals and objectives within this initial 12 month timescale.

If you are ready and willing to put the work in, to follow our guidance, and absolutely dominate your space in the property world, the REWD PMP is for you.  The objective for all our clients, is to create GENERATIONAL WEALTH.

BY APPLICATION ONLY: We only want to work with serious and dedicated people on PMP, so although we will consider all applications, clients will be accepted into the Program at our discretion.

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